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[21 Sep 2016 | Comments Off on Can sugar increase inflammation levels? | ]
Can sugar increase inflammation levels?

In this first article of a series on how sugar impacts your health, I’m going to start by looking at the role a high sugar diet plays in inflammation. I first developed an interest in this link when patients would mention in passing that they had noticed an improvement in their pain levels after doing a sugar detox. They were doing the sugar detox for other reasons, but found this added benefit occurred as well.
After hearing this a bunch of times, I started looking into it, and it didn’t take …

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[7 Oct 2014 | Comments Off on New Warnings on Anti-Inflammatories | ]
New Warnings on Anti-Inflammatories

I just read an article on the Medical Observer website which said that the Therapeutic Goods Administrator (TGA) “will ramp up warnings on NSAID packages after a safety review found over-the-counter diclofenac was associated with liver damage and that NSAIDs in general were linked to adverse cardiovascular effects”.
The TGA has now suggested that these medications come with the following warning: “Warning: In rare cases, diclofenac has been associated with serious liver injury”.
A couple of choice quotes from the article:

Doctors have also been warned to avoid using prescription NSAIDs in patients with previous …

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[7 Jul 2014 | Comments Off on Think an injection will help? | ]
Think an injection will help?

Might need to think again. An article in The New York Times has cast uncertainty over the therapeutic value of spinal steroid injections. In a recent study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine no less, patients were given a plain anaesthetic injection, or the anaesthetic combined with the steroid. Here are a few quotes that summarise the results:

“the study, the largest randomized trial evaluating the treatment, found that patients receiving a standard stenosis injection — which combine a steroid and a local anesthetic — had no less pain and virtually …

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[30 Jan 2014 | Comments Off on Spinal Injections | ]
Spinal Injections

New research has come out questioning the effectiveness of spinal injections. Titled “Time to reconsider steroid injections in the spine?”, the article in the latest edition of the Medical Journal of Australia lists the following points, which I’ll post for your consideration:

The largest of these showed marginal short-term (2-week) improvement in the steroid and local anaesthetic group over the saline group for the primary outcome (leg pain), an effect that was not sustained by 4 weeks.
Short-term relief is a common finding in studies that use local anaesthetic in the active group.
We …

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[29 Aug 2013 | Comments Off on Using Paracetamol for Pain? Read this | ]
Using Paracetamol for Pain? Read this

The use of paracetamol, such as Panadol, for conditions like arthritis, has come under fire after a panel of medical experts “said they were ‘extremely concerned’ about the links of higher doses to cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and renal adverse events.
An article on Pulse.co.uk outlined the panel’s findings, which included:

warnings about the potential side effects of paracetamol
findings that paracetamol only provides ‘limited benefit’
when used, it should be the ‘lowest effective dose’ for the ‘shortest possible time’
clinicians should be particularly cautious of using it in combination with an oral NSAID (anti-inflammatory)
‘There is more evidence of …

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[12 Aug 2013 | Comments Off on Better than drugs! | ]
Better than drugs!

Well, maybe not all drugs. But a recent study showed having your back adjusted resulted in greater pain relief than anti-inflammatory drugs (dicolfenac).
In the study, people with acute lower back pain either had their back adjusted or were given diclofenac. The drug is sold under the name Voltaren in Australia.
The authors concluded that ” spinal manipulation was significantly better than nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac and clinically superior to placebo”.
Oh, I forgot to mention that. Our treatment is also better than doing nothing.
To read the abstract of the study, click here…

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[25 Jul 2013 | Comments Off on Poor evidence for injections for back pain | ]
Poor evidence for injections for back pain

Kevin MD recently posted an article where he reviewed the effectiveness of various injections commonly used for low back pain. These consist of  local anesthetics, steroids like cortisone, and pain meds. The article included a summary of an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, as well as notes from a couple of other reviews previously done on whether injections work well for low back pain. The news wasn’t good:

In a review of 18 trials, only 6 found that the injections had a positive effect. The authors of this review concluded …

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[14 Jul 2013 | Comments Off on Fish Oil and Cancer!? | ]
Fish Oil and Cancer!?

You can’t win, can you. A new study has suggested that ” males with high blood concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.” Everything I’ve ever read on fish oils suggests that they help with inflammation and that omega 3 fatty acids are great for your brain. In fact I posted something on it not that long ago…
Luckily, sanity prevailed:
Dr. Iain Frame, director of research at Prostate Cancer UK, says men reading about the results of this research should not panic about their omega-3 intake. Dr. …

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[28 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Vitamin D aids recovery from Muscular Injury | ]
Vitamin D aids recovery from Muscular Injury

This sounds pretty sweet. I have been a huge fan of Vitamin D for years, and now a new study has found that t can help speed up the recovery of muscle injuries. The link to the full article is here but I wouldn’t suggest you try to read it. No offence, it’s just that they use phrases like  “Vitamin D is a pleiotropic micronutrient that influences health across a range of physiological and pathophysiological conditions in humans”. I mean, come on. Anyway, all you need to know is that after a …

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[14 May 2013 | Comments Off on Antibiotics for Chronic Back Pain? | ]
Antibiotics for Chronic Back Pain?

New research is suggesting that bacterial infections might be the source of disc related pain. It’s an interesting mechanism – the bacteria, which exist in the mouth and hair, can be moved into the bloodstream by brushing of the teeth. They can be deposited into the disc as part of the body’s response to injury and once there can proliferate and be a source of pain. According to researchers, this could potentially be involved in up to 80% of back pain cases. The full article can be found here . I know …