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Vitamin B3 Summary

You probably heard the reports last week that are being described as the biggest breakthrough for pregnancy nutrition since folate. I found a very informative summary of the latest news on the ABC health website which I thought I would share. Here are the key findings and a link to the article:
What defects does the study propose can be avoided by boosting your B3 intake?
The study found that multiple miscarriages, heart, kidney and spinal defects could be avoided by boosting vitamin B3.
Does this mean older women may be able to fall pregnant …

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Knee Arthritis – Do Injections Help?

A new study has looked at whether getting a steroid injection for osteoarthritis (OA) in the knee is beneficial. This is a reasonably common procedure for OA and is often used to see if surgery can be put off.
In the study, a group of people aged 45 and over were given injections every 3 months for 2 years. There were 2 groups; 1 was given a steroid, the other given a placebo. In the group given steroid injections, the researchers found that not only did it not help with pain, it …

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Can Meditation Change Your DNA?

Happy Monday everyone, I just read this super interesting article on the website Science Daily which summarises the findings of a recent study on meditation and yoga. There were some pretty incredible results which I thought I would share. Check out some of the key points of the article below and click here to read the full article.
The most incredible finding was not just that meditation or yoga can help you feel relaxed, they can actually reverse changes to your DNA which are linked to depression and poor health.
Key points:

Stress causes inflammation …

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Is running good for your back?

A new study suggests that it might be! According to an article on the New York Times website this week, “People who regularly run or walk briskly appear to have healthier discs in their spines than people who do not exercise”.
The article cites a study performed in Australia where researchers recorded the weekly mileage of runners and compared that to MRI images of their lower backs.
They found that “the runners’ discs were larger and contained more fluid than the discs of the men and women who did not exercise.” These are both …

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Tips for Managing Sciatica

I recently came across a great article on Medical News Today about how to manage sciatic pain. It has a good list of stretches for the glutes, hips and lower back which I recommend you check out if you have been having and pain in and around your hips or the back of your leg.
Sciatica involves compression of the nerve and so the first sign is usually pain. But if you start to develop symptoms like numbness, tingling, or pins and needles, then the nerve function has been cut off and you …

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Knee Pain and Sugar

Knee pain. It’s not fun. But around half of us will suffer from it at some point in our lifetime. 
Question is, could sugar be making a common problem much worse?
What usually causes knee pain?
There are lots of different structures that can cause pain in the knee area; tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. Usually, you have to suffer a proper trauma to damage anything; it takes a fair bit of force to break bones or rupture ligaments.
Another way to get knee pain is a gradual build up over time. Reports show around …