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Trouble Sleeping?

Then check this out. The team at Medical news Today just posted an article with 21 tips and tricks for improving your sleep quality.

Poor sleep has been linked to mental health conditions like depression, to reduced immune function, to weight gain, and to reduced healing capacity.

The thing I have done lately that’s made a big difference is I bought a pair of blue light blocking glasses. They were relatively inexpensive ($60-70) and I think they have really helped reduce the effect of TV or other devices at night. I …

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Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Stuck at home and can’t get to your regular practitioner? Or if you’re simply experiencing pain and prefer natural alternatives to medications, our illustrious neighbour Naturopath Tania Flack from Bondi Health and Wellness put this guide together.

Of those Australians reporting back pain, nearly half experience difficulty with mobility, daily activities and self-care, which significantly impacts quality of life. And the financial impact of back pain on the Australian economy is staggering.

It’s reported to cost approximately 1.2 billion dollars per year, split between hospital care, out-of-hospital appointments and prescription …

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Improving Immune Function

With a global pandemic running around, there’s never been a better time to work on your immune system. You want it functioning at its absolute peak right now.

As we age, our immune system ages too. This means it doesn’t quite function as well as it used to. Luckily there is something we can do about it.

I just read an article talking about this and thought I would share the link as well as give you a few of the key points. This stuff is important because we actually need …

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Returning to the Gym? Read this first.

We are expecting to be seeing a lot of people with injuries related to the sudden desire to quickly get in shape. Their exercise regime drifted a little over the last few months but with Summer approaching they need to get their bikini body back. Bravo I say! But, we need to temper that enthusiasm/desperation with a little common sense. If you’re trying to fit 6 months worth of training into the next 6 weeks read on.

I think the most common times people get injured is when they start a …

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Creating a Daily Routine

Hey everyone, hope you and your families are all safe and well!

We had a bit of a downturn when the restrictions all started, but since then have been becoming steadily busier. A lot of this has been down to the effects of working from home.

Everyone is thrown off at the moment in one way or another. The chair and desk you sit on are different. The hours you work. The stress you are under. You can’t go to the gym you usually go to, or the yoga class you …

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Coronavirus Update

Updated Wednesday April 15, 2020

First let me say that my thoughts are with any of you who may be affected by this virus at the moment or have family members affected or at risk. I have a high risk relative in my 94 year old Grandmother who has bad lungs and would not survive this virus. Let’s all do everything we can to stop it spreading.

I just wanted to update you on my clinic’s operating hours at this time.

Looking after your health at a time like this takes on greater …