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[13 Mar 2019 | Comments Off on Can daytime naps lower your blood pressure? | ]

Yes they can. And according to the latest research, they do it as effectively as medications.
This is great news for people like me who love a sneaky disco nap. And it’s great news for any of you taking blood pressure medication. After all, who wouldn’t love to be taking less medications!
In a 2019 article on the website MedicalNewsToday, 212 people were studied. These were not the healthiest people – average age of 62, plenty of smokers and people with type 2 diabetes. Yet even with these complicating factors, the study found …

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[17 May 2016 | Comments Off on An Osteopaths Guide to Preventing Running Injuries – Part 1 | ]
An Osteopaths Guide to Preventing Running Injuries – Part 1

In my work with athletes, ranging from park runners up to World and Olympic champions, one of the key differences I’ve seen that separates the elite is that they know when to push themselves, and they know when to back off. They know that missing half a session because you’re concerned about an injury is better than pushing on, getting hurt, and then missing an entire week, if not more. The number one priority, no matter what event you are training for, is to get to the starting line in …

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[7 Sep 2015 | Comments Off on How exercise changes your brain | ]
How exercise changes your brain

An article in The New York Times this week has shed light on the changes that take place in the brain in response to exercise. The story focused on a series of brain scans performed on a lady who started exercising at the age of 77 and went on to set numerous world records in masters track and field competition.
In short, when compared to other 90 somethings who were studied, her brain showed:
Fewer abnormalities in the white matter (the cells that help to transmit messages from one part of the …

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[29 Mar 2015 | Comments Off on Better Fitness Lowers Your Cancer Risk | ]
Better Fitness Lowers Your Cancer Risk

A new study has found that men who had higher cardiorespiratory fitness (endurance) had significantly lower rates of certain types of cancer compared to less fit men. The differences were pretty huge for both Lung Cancer and ColoRectal Cancer, and seriously, none of us want that.
The benefits get larger the fitter you become. Compared to the least fit, the fittest people had a 55% less risk of developing Lung Cancer, and a 44% less risk of ColoRectal Cancer.
Each level of fitness provides a little more benefit – even moving up …

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[7 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on Is running bad for your knees? | ]
Is running bad for your knees?

Apparently not! Even I thought it was but the results of a new study (to read it click here) have found that “not only does running not cause osteoarthritis in the knee, it may even help to keep the problem at bay”.
The study followed 2863 people and found that “runners, regardless of the age they were when they ran, had less knee pain and osteoarthritis.”
This supported another previous study of 74,00 people from 2013 which “found that running significantly reduced the risk of both osteoarthritis and knee replacement.”
Some other choice quotes …

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[18 Nov 2014 | Comments Off on Getting in shape for Summer | ]
Getting in shape for Summer

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people with injuries related to the sudden desire to quickly get in shape. Their exercise regime drifted a little over the winter months but with Summer approaching they need to get their bikini body back. Bravo I say! But, we need to temper that enthusiasm/desperation with a little common sense. If you’re trying to fit 6 months worth of training into the next 6 weeks read on.
I think the most common times people get injured is when they start a new activity, or …

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[23 Sep 2013 | Comments Off on Exercising 101: Is it good pain or bad pain? | ]
Exercising 101: Is it good pain or bad pain?

At this time of year I see a lot of people with new injuries. When I ask them what they think caused it, they give me a sheepish kind of look, like they know they did something wrong. They then proceed to give me a list of “reasons” as to why they were a bit slack about exercising during winter but now that summer is approaching, they really need to get in shape fast, so they’re trying to fit 6 months of training into 3.

I think the most common times …

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[28 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Vitamin D aids recovery from Muscular Injury | ]
Vitamin D aids recovery from Muscular Injury

This sounds pretty sweet. I have been a huge fan of Vitamin D for years, and now a new study has found that t can help speed up the recovery of muscle injuries. The link to the full article is here but I wouldn’t suggest you try to read it. No offence, it’s just that they use phrases like  “Vitamin D is a pleiotropic micronutrient that influences health across a range of physiological and pathophysiological conditions in humans”. I mean, come on. Anyway, all you need to know is that after a …

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[6 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Latest Headlines | ]
Latest Headlines

I had to come up with something to replace that ridiculous Tiramisu story, here are some of the stories I’ve been reading online (in the medical/health genre):
Headline: “Exercise can treat cardiovascular disease as well as prevent it”
Story: A number of studies have recently found that as well as being good for preventing the possible onset of heart disease, people who have coronary artery disease can reduce the risk of having a heart attack, and/or the severity of their heart disease.
One author concluded: “”I would be happy if I could convince …

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[17 Jun 2010 | One Comment | ]

Admit it – you’ve all thought about it. Can you give up exercise for winter (or forever?) and just stay fit by playing video games? Okay, maybe it’s just me that wonders if that’s possible. But if you are one of the many people using a Wii for fun or for fitness, you’ve probably wondered just how much of a workout you get from it. A recent study has given us the data.
William R. Yates, MD, has summarised the findings of a Japanese study which showed that showed some games …