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New Arthritis Guidelines

28 August 2018 No Comment

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has released new guidelines on the treatment of osteoarthritis. The guidelines “rubbished popular and “fad” treatments for osteoarthritis (OA), including opioids, acupuncture, glucosamine, stem cell therapy, insoles and surgery “.

That’s right, the medical association is now “strongly warning against surgeries such as knee arthroscopy, meniscectomy and cartilage repair” when it comes to hip and knee arthritis.

Instead, they suggest things like exercise and weight loss. I recently posted an article on how weight loss reduces pressure in the knee, after studies showed that “for every kilogram of body weight you lose, you reduce the amount of pressure in your knees by 4kg”.

If you need any more information on which exercises to do, send me an email (chrisjonesosteo@gmail.com) or come in and we can work out a program specific to your situation.

To see the full article, click here.

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