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Exercise, Stress, and Immune Function

21 July 2009 6 Comments

Regular moderate physical activity positively influences many aspects of health. For example, a physically active lifestyle is associated with decreased risks of coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

It has been believed for some time that a physically active lifestyle may also decrease the risk of bacterial or viral illness.

Previous studies had shown that people who were sedentary and under high levels of stress had elevated disease incidence.

Researchers hypothesised that voluntary physical activity may prevent stress-induced suppression of the immune system, thereby reducing the increased susceptibility and severity of infectious disease caused by stress.

Their study has shown this to be true. Data was obtained that suggests that regular, moderate, physical activity can prevent the negative consequences of stress on immune function.

So try to find at least 3 spots each week to squeeze at least half an hour of exercise into your busy stressful life and you’ll soon see the benefits.

If you have any questions about an exercise program I’m always happy to discuss them.

Reference: Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews July 2005.