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Spinal Injections

30 January 2014 No Comment

New research has come out questioning the effectiveness of spinal injections. Titled “Time to reconsider steroid injections in the spine?”, the article in the latest edition of the Medical Journal of Australia lists the following points, which I’ll post for your consideration:

  • The largest of these showed marginal short-term (2-week) improvement in the steroid and local anaesthetic group over the saline group for the primary outcome (leg pain), an effect that was not sustained by 4 weeks.
  • Short-term relief is a common finding in studies that use local anaesthetic in the active group.
  • We consider the evidence for the effectiveness of transforaminal steroids over placebo to be neither strong nor consistent
  • each of the randomised trials showed no significant difference in the response between groups treated with steroid and those treated with local anaesthetic alone.
  • This reinforces our point that steroid injections in the spine have no specific therapeutic effect beyond natural history, the effect of any concomitant treatment or any placebo effect.

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