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Why you need a Spiky Ball

3 June 2019 No Comment

I’m a huge fan of self massage. Whether it’s foam rolling, using a spiky or massage ball, or just digging my fingers into my shoulder, I find softening the muscles is a great adjunct to doing a little bit of stretching or mobility work. It feels good, it always helps, and it’s a nice thing to do for yourself. But what are the other benefits?

Using a spiky ball is a great idea for many reasons. First, it helps break down muscle tension and is the best way to release the deeper tissues like fascia. Softening a muscle can be done a couple of ways, but the only way to get fascia (the stuff responsible for deep tension) to change is to break it down. A spiky ball is perfect for this.

You can use it for your feet (for conditions like plantar fasciitis), use it for your deep glute muscles like piriformis (which can help nerve impingement conditions like Sciatica), and anywhere else you have tight muscles, like hamstrings, shoulders and upper back muscles.

Studies have shown that working on your feet can help improve circulation, decrease the number of headaches you have, improve your mood and stress levels, and even lower your blood pressure!

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