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Treating Arthritis

13 February 2014 No Comment

A new study has come out saying that the best treatment for arthritis is exercise. This makes sense and is something I’ve long believed and I may even have posted about it once before with respect to knee arthritis and tai chi.

The pain associated with arthritis comes from things like the muscles tightening up around the joint (to try to stabilise it), the joint losing mobility and there being less fluid in the joint.

It would make sense then, that exercise would help. Exercise increase your flexibility, your balance, promotes blood flow and increases strength and endurance.

So if you’ve been told that the only thing that can fix your arthritis is taking pills for the rest of your life, or that your arthritis will never get better, read this article. Here are some choice quotes:

‘There’s a common but mistaken belief that osteoarthritis is an inevitable part of ageing and that it will get worse – that’s not the case,’

‘These guidelines should help challenge the perception that many people often have about osteoarthritis being a normal part of ageing and that nothing can be done.

‘Stretching. strengthening and aerobic exercises are the ideal combination.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2558140/Exercise-ease-agony-osteoarthritis.html#ixzz2tG3si35L

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