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The accuracy of info on Wikipedia

17 June 2014 No Comment

Thanks to the internet, we have access to more information that ever before. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to figure out whether something we read on the internet is true or not. Wikipedia is a site that always comes up very high on search engines, so if you’re ever looking to come up with a diagnosis or learn more about why your shoulder/knee/hip/head hurts, it’s a common place to end up. Sadly, a recent study has shown that the site is “riddled with errors”.

An article titled “Is Wikipedia Dangerous To Your Health?” concluded that “9 out of 10 entries contain many errors”. Not just one error, MANY. Here is a quote from the article: “ U.S. researchers found that 90 percent of Wikipedia entries related to the 10 costliest medical conditions, including coronary disease and back pain, contained inaccuracies and antiquated data.”

So be careful about reading too much into what you find online. If you ever have any questions about a new or different pain you have get in contact with your health professional.

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