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Sleeping Posture

21 July 2009 No Comment

I am constantly being asked 2 questions. Actually, that’s not true, I get asked lots of questions. But these 2 are very common:

1. What position should I sleep in?

2. What’s the best pillow?

Now, let me start by saying that there is no answer that is definitively correct. Some postures/pillows work for some people, others work for others. But I’ll give you all the theory.

1. It should be obvious to all of you that Face Down is the worst. If you sleep face down you are rotating your neck hard for a long time. Sleeping on your back is usually fine. Sleeping on your side is good but you just have to watch our for over rotating, eg in your hips, such as having one leg out straight and having the other bent up and twisting your pelvis around. A good way to guard against this is to sleep with a flat pillow between your knees. The simple answer is if you feel comfortable in a position it’s probably an ok position (unless it’s face down). Spooning is great.

2. Again, different for everyone. There are special ergonomically designed pillows that are built to support the curvature of your neck. Now, theoretically this is a good thing. But I have to say, I hear probably as many people say they don’t like these as people say they do like it. And they’re pretty expensive. I’m not saying don’t get one, I’m just saying caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. If you can, try it out a fair bit before you commit, even if it’s just laying on it in the store. And as for hard, medium or soft, most medium-firm pillows should give good enough support, again it comes down to personal preference.

I wish I could tell you all the name of some amazing pillow for you to go buy, but as I said, there’s no definitive answers. It’s just common sense. Hopefully these guidelines will help you make the right decision. If in doubt, get something in a leopard print. Rowr!

This link has some ok pictures of good and bad postures http://www.buffalochiroctr.com/pictures/3.jpg. Like I said, we are avoiding face down, being too high, or too low. Too easy right…

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