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14 October 2020 No Comment

We all know that excess screen time is bad for us. But does it matter which screen we are looking at? Do they all affect us in the same way?

Apparently some are worse than others, according to a recent study.

This data was published just a week ago so it’s red hot.

The obvious finding was that more screen time = worse health decisions. People who exhibited the heaviest use of screened devices “tended to eat fewer fruit and vegetables and more sweets and fast foods.”

“They also tended to have the least physical activity, get the least sleep, have the worst sleep quality, and experience the greatest perceived stress (compared with those with light or moderate screen use).”

The interesting thing though, was the difference between different devices.

People with heavy TV and smartphone use said that they had worse dietary patterns and health characteristics than people who spent a lot of time in front of computers, tablets, or devices connected to a TV.

Another interesting finding was the effect of “Bingeing” eg watching an entire series straight through, like I have done maaaaaany times in my life.

The team also found that watching many episodes of a show or many different shows in quick succession was associated with poor dietary patterns and increases in self-perceived stress.

To read the full article, click here.

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