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Product Review: Vibrating Foam Roller

7 August 2019 No Comment

Most of you know that I have a background working with elite athletes. In the 2000s I did a bunch of trips with the Australian Athletics team and treated a lot of world and olympic champions. I don’t travel with teams anymore but I still see plenty of athletes.

Athletes are always incredibly interested in self maintenance, because they’re always in pain to some extent. Over the last year I have heard from them about these new types of foam rollers that have a little motor in them that causes vibration.

I have tested a few out and read a few articles. There is research showing that they are more effective than normal foam rollers, and that they are very effective for improving flexibility, reducing pain, and speeding up your recovery from exercise sessions.

My experience – they are AMAZING! I tried a few different ones out, and found one that is my favourite. You can test it out next time you come into clinic to see how they work. They are especially effective for legs and hips, but also great to lean back on to get a massage on your mid back.

Here at the clinic we are stocking Sanarte brand Vibration rollers and selling them at 20% discount at the moment so if you are interested in trying one out let us know. Sanarte products are only available in health clinics, a brand that is exclusive to health practitioners.

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