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Manuka Honey

1 July 2014 No Comment

Soothes a dry sore throat. Welcome to Cold and Flu Season. I’ve been laid low the last couple of days with a flu that would kill a grizzly bear (spoken like a true man I know) and as I was lining up my potions and vitamins and other drugs I remember an article I’d read on Manuka Honey.

According to the article, published on the BBC website, Manuka Honey’s antiseptic properties can help enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics. It was tested on hospital strength bacteria.

Here are a couple of choice quotes from the article:

  • Manuka honey could be used to combat some of the most hard-to-treat infections that are resistant to powerful antibiotics, scientists say.
  • Lab experiments show it can clear bacteria found in festering wounds and contaminated hospital surfaces.
  • This indicates that existing antibiotics may be more effective against drug-resistant infections if used in combination with manuka honey.

Photo credit: http://www.freeimages.com/browse.phtml?f=download&id=1442702

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