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Let’s talk about Sleep, baby

24 October 2018 No Comment

I love Salt n Pepa so much.

Anyway, in this post I wanted to talk about sleep. I had a cold a couple of weeks ago and even though it was pretty mild, I couldn’t shake it because I kept having interrupted sleep. I have also seen a few people recently who have been having problems with sleep, and jaw clenching, and migraines, so it’s been on my mind.

As you know we work next door to a great clinic with a few Naturopaths and Nutritionists. I went and had a chat to them about different supplements that can help with sleep and I was directed to this article full of tips on how to improve your sleep. If you know anyone who is a poor sleeper, or you suffer from this, check it out and see if you can follow a few of the recommendations. Poor sleep is a nightmare (pardon the pun) and is linked to a stack of health conditions, decreased immune function and even mental health issues.


Check it out and if you have any questions shoot me an email (chrisjonesosteo@gmail.com)

Nigh nigh now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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