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Honey for children with a sore throat

1 September 2012 No Comment

Is your child laying awake at night coughing and you’re not sure what to do? A new study has found that honey can be used as an alternative to cough syrups etc for young children suffering from Upper Respiratory Infections (URI).

The study involved 300 children aged 1-5 over the period of a year. The children were given a single dose of 10 g of eucalyptus honey, citrus honey, labiatae honey. I personally have had great results with Manuka honey so would have loved to have seen how effective that was, knowing how effective other studies have shown it to be.

The researchers studied the children’s symptoms and interviewed the parents to ask them whether they felt the children had coughed less and slept better. Their answer was a resounding yes. All 3 honey groups demonstrated significant improvements in “all of the outcomes related to nocturnal cough, child sleep, and parental sleep”.

The World Health Organisation already recommends honey as a nighttime treatment for coughing in young children The researchers concluded that “”Honey may be a preferable treatment of cough and sleep difficulties associated with childhood URI”.

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