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Exercise helps you sleep better

22 August 2013 No Comment

I know, I really seem to bang on about exercising, don’t I. Just happens to be the case that there have been a lot of studies come out recently showing its benefits, like how it helps you handle stress, and how it can change your DNA so you store less fat. Now a new study has shown that it can help you sleep more, and get better quality sleep. Apparently exercise does it all.

In the study a group of people were asked to do 30 minutes of exercise (stationary bike or treadmill) 3-4 times a week. The people did not have a history of regular exercise and had been diagnosed with insomnia. After a few months they reported the following results:

  • The volunteers in the exercise group were sleeping much more soundly
  • They slept, on average, about 45 minutes to an hour longer on most nights,
  • They woke up less often and reported more vigor and less sleepiness.

According to the authors, these results are “as good as or better than most current treatment options for sleep disturbances, including drugs”.

To read the full article (New York Times), click here.

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