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Doctors told to stop doing knee surgery

19 March 2018 No Comment

According to a recent article on the Sydney Morning Herald website, “the peak body for rheumatologists has publicly urged doctors to try to avoid arthroscopic knee surgery, for patients with osteoarthritis, especially if they’re over 50”.

Instead, they are urging doctors to recommend seeking alternative therapies and to try to strengthen their knee joints.

It’s taken a long time – studies on this have been appearing for more than 15 years, and the downside to surgery can be huge (the cost, the recovery time, the risk of infection or death).

The official statement includes these quotes:

“[Our] position statement states arthroscopic knee surgery is not indicated in uncomplicated osteoarthritis of the knee,”

“Arthroscopic surgery does not alter the osteoarthritic condition of the knee.”

To discuss your alternatives, feel free to send me an email (chrisjonesosteo@gmail.com) or come in with your scans for a chat. Feel free to share this with any friends or relatives you have who may be considering knee surgery.

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