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Is Back Pain worsened by surgery, injections, drugs?

2 April 2018 No Comment

A recent article on The Guardian website claims that “Vast numbers of people with lower back pain across the world are being harmed, not helped, by the surgery, injections and dangerous opioid drugs they are given, according to a major new report”.

The report they refer to is a series of articles published on the medical website The Lancet, which concludes that:

  1. “Investigating using MRI scans is counterproductive, the experts say.”
  2. “MRIs will pick up physical abnormalities that may not be the source of the pain.”
  3. “Scans often result in surgery or other interventions, but the evidence shows that fusing the discs in the spine, inserting artificial discs or giving spinal injections does not usually help. Nor does bed rest and staying off work.”
  4. “Their condition is often being made worse by costly high-tech interventions and bed rest in what could amount to medical negligence on a global scale”
  5. “What these people really need to get better is exercise and the earliest possible return to work and their normal life, experts say. “
  6. “We are seeing fewer patients offered fusion surgery, but we are still seeing many patients offered injections that are of questionable value. They are very expensive and not very helpful for patients.”

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