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Back Exercises

19 August 2018 No Comment

I was recently sent an article which I thought I would share with you. The article outlines 30 different exercises for the different parts of your back, and includes video demonstrations by a 2 time Olympian. The videos are clear and concise and the exercises are exactly the same as I give out myself.

I love that there are exercises for mobility, strength, core, and some yoga moves and a bit of foam rolling in there as well. We all need a combination of mobility, strength and stability, so this outline is great in that respect.

If I was going to nominate my top 5, check out the following:

  1. Bird-Dog. Hands down one of the best core exercises you can do.

2. Thoracic Under Unders

3. Pigeon Stretch

4. Hip flexor stretch with progression

5. Childs Pose to Cobra Pose. This is pretty advanced so make sure you are ok with Childs Pose and Cobra on their own first.

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