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A new tip to reduce Chronic Pain levels

19 February 2018 No Comment

Researchers have found a link between a super common food additive and chronic pain. A study of chronic pain sufferers found that when they reduced their intake of the flavour enhancer GLUTAMATE.

The results of reducing glutamate intake was compared with the use of painkilling medications, and was reported to be roughly the same.

To find out if there is glutamate in your diet, look for the following names:

Glutamate is also a naturally occurring chemical in some foods, like soy sauce and parmesan cheese, but is more commonly found as a food additive. In the U.S., glutamate is added to many food products and found under many names including ‘monosodium glutamate,’ ‘hydrolyzed protein,’ ‘protein isolate,’ ‘protein extract’ and ‘autolyzed yeast extract,’ just to name a few.

Feel free to share this important update with anyone you know who suffers chronic pain. And to read the full article, click here.

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