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[25 Jun 2017 | Comments Off on Is running good for your back? | ]
Is running good for your back?

A new study suggests that it might be! According to an article on the New York Times website this week, “People who regularly run or walk briskly appear to have healthier discs in their spines than people who do not exercise”.
The article cites a study performed in Australia where researchers recorded the weekly mileage of runners and compared that to MRI images of their lower backs.
They found that “the runners’ discs were larger and contained more fluid than the discs of the men and women who did not exercise.” These are both …

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[2 Jun 2016 | Comments Off on An Osteopaths Guide to Preventing Running Injuries – Part 3 | ]
An Osteopaths Guide to Preventing Running Injuries – Part 3

There has been a lot of research over the years on the best way to warm up. Athletes want to know the right way to do it so that they can do their best performance when it counts. But it’s equally important to be able to reduce the risk of injury so you can run hard without hurting yourself. Is there a way to warm up that achieves both goals – optimal performance and minimal risk of injury? Should you do static stretching or dynamic stretching? Should you jog and …

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[17 May 2016 | Comments Off on An Osteopaths Guide to Preventing Running Injuries – Part 1 | ]
An Osteopaths Guide to Preventing Running Injuries – Part 1

In my work with athletes, ranging from park runners up to World and Olympic champions, one of the key differences I’ve seen that separates the elite is that they know when to push themselves, and they know when to back off. They know that missing half a session because you’re concerned about an injury is better than pushing on, getting hurt, and then missing an entire week, if not more. The number one priority, no matter what event you are training for, is to get to the starting line in …

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[10 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on How to Breathe – 2016 Health Tip Part 2 | ]
How to Breathe – 2016 Health Tip Part 2

As you saw in my previous article , breathing can help improve the tone of the Vagus Nerve. This has been linked to reduced stress and anxiety levels, reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and even reduced risk of dying from cancer.
A 2016 article talked more about the link between stress and cancer, saying that stress acts as a ‘fertiliser’ by increasing the number of lymphatic vessels draining from the tumour, but increase flow in existing vessels. “So not only do you get new freeways out of the tumour but …

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[10 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on My Number 1 Health Tip for 2016 | ]
My Number 1 Health Tip for 2016

My number 1 health tip for 2015 was to MOVE MORE, and no doubt you would’ve seen one of the countless articles talking about how bad prolonged sitting is for your health. Some articles called prolonged sitting worse for your health than smoking or obesity, and 60 Minutes did a great story which I posted outlining the benefits of moving more.
If 2015 was all about MOVING, 2016 is all about BREATHING. Well, breathing and Bruno Mars. I love that guy.
When we talk about breathing, in very basic terms we are …

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[7 Sep 2015 | Comments Off on How exercise changes your brain | ]
How exercise changes your brain

An article in The New York Times this week has shed light on the changes that take place in the brain in response to exercise. The story focused on a series of brain scans performed on a lady who started exercising at the age of 77 and went on to set numerous world records in masters track and field competition.
In short, when compared to other 90 somethings who were studied, her brain showed:
Fewer abnormalities in the white matter (the cells that help to transmit messages from one part of the …

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[28 May 2015 | Comments Off on Rest First? Or Seek Treatment? | ]
Rest First? Or Seek Treatment?

What I’m going to look at in this posting relates to how quickly one should start addressing a complaint of low back pain. Historically, people suffering from low back pain have been told to rest, sometimes for very long periods. It’s time to right this wrong.
I have treated plenty of people who 20 years ago were given a neck collar for a minor car crash and wore it for 3 months despite no evidence of any tissue damage, because “that was what they did back then”. Researchers have compared the …

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[29 Mar 2015 | Comments Off on Better Fitness Lowers Your Cancer Risk | ]
Better Fitness Lowers Your Cancer Risk

A new study has found that men who had higher cardiorespiratory fitness (endurance) had significantly lower rates of certain types of cancer compared to less fit men. The differences were pretty huge for both Lung Cancer and ColoRectal Cancer, and seriously, none of us want that.
The benefits get larger the fitter you become. Compared to the least fit, the fittest people had a 55% less risk of developing Lung Cancer, and a 44% less risk of ColoRectal Cancer.
Each level of fitness provides a little more benefit – even moving up …

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[9 Feb 2015 | Comments Off on Can you increase your life expectancy? | ]
Can you increase your life expectancy?

New research suggests it could be very simple to add up to 8 years to your life. 8 more times you get to celebrate Christmas with your family, 8 more years of travelling to enjoy, 8 more years watching your grandchildren grow up. Or if you’re my Nanna Joyce (pictured), 8 more years of Singapore Slings!
The research, which followed 17,000 people for 30 years, identified the components that make up the unhealthiest lifestyle. These were physical inactivity, smoking, poor diet and alcohol use.
For a 65 year old who doesn’t …

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[23 Jan 2015 | Comments Off on Side Plank Improves Scoliosis | ]
Side Plank Improves Scoliosis

A recent article in the online journal Medical News Today has reported findings of a study into yoga poses and scoliosis. The study found that “erforming a single yoga pose for 90 seconds for at least 3 days a week could reduce spine curvature in patients with scoliosis in as little as 3 months.”
The pose is the side plank (pictured), which involves lying on one side of the body with straight knees, and propping up the upper body with the elbow and forearm.
On average, participants did the side plank pose for …