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Vitamin B3 Summary

14 August 2017 No Comment

You probably heard the reports last week that are being described as the biggest breakthrough for pregnancy nutrition since folate. I found a very informative summary of the latest news on the ABC health website which I thought I would share. Here are the key findings and a link to the article:

What defects does the study propose can be avoided by boosting your B3 intake?

The study found that multiple miscarriages, heart, kidney and spinal defects could be avoided by boosting vitamin B3.

Does this mean older women may be able to fall pregnant with more success?

Not really. Professor Dunwoodie says older women actually have lower levels of vitamin B3.

How do you boost your B3 intake?

B3 is found in meat, legumes, nuts and leafy vegetables, and fun fact: Vegemite.

It is also found in standard pregnancy multivitamins, however some experts say the amount they contain may not be enough for every woman.

Are B3 supplements available over the counter?

Yes, they can be bought over the counter in pharmacies and some supermarkets, usually as part of a vitamin supplement.

But Professor Dunwoodie recommends women take a regular pregnancy multivitamin.

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