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[13 Mar 2019 | Comments Off on Can daytime naps lower your blood pressure? | ]

Yes they can. And according to the latest research, they do it as effectively as medications.
This is great news for people like me who love a sneaky disco nap. And it’s great news for any of you taking blood pressure medication. After all, who wouldn’t love to be taking less medications!
In a 2019 article on the website MedicalNewsToday, 212 people were studied. These were not the healthiest people – average age of 62, plenty of smokers and people with type 2 diabetes. Yet even with these complicating factors, the study found …

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[10 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on How to Breathe – 2016 Health Tip Part 2 | ]
How to Breathe – 2016 Health Tip Part 2

As you saw in my previous article , breathing can help improve the tone of the Vagus Nerve. This has been linked to reduced stress and anxiety levels, reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and even reduced risk of dying from cancer.
A 2016 article talked more about the link between stress and cancer, saying that stress acts as a ‘fertiliser’ by increasing the number of lymphatic vessels draining from the tumour, but increase flow in existing vessels. “So not only do you get new freeways out of the tumour but …

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[10 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on My Number 1 Health Tip for 2016 | ]
My Number 1 Health Tip for 2016

My number 1 health tip for 2015 was to MOVE MORE, and no doubt you would’ve seen one of the countless articles talking about how bad prolonged sitting is for your health. Some articles called prolonged sitting worse for your health than smoking or obesity, and 60 Minutes did a great story which I posted outlining the benefits of moving more.
If 2015 was all about MOVING, 2016 is all about BREATHING. Well, breathing and Bruno Mars. I love that guy.
When we talk about breathing, in very basic terms we are …

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[9 Apr 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Stress: Portrait of a Killer

The documentary “Stress: Portrait of a Killer” was on ABC on Thursday night, here is a link to it from the ABC website, not sure how long it will continue to be available for on the site so check it out now. It was a really interesting program outlining the dramatic physical effects prolonged stress can have on your body. My rating – 4 stars
Never underestimate the effects of stress, a new study has shown that the hormones related to stress make it easier for malignant tumours to grow and …

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[25 Nov 2009 | One Comment | ]

Hot on the heels of my previous review on the findings that higher intensity exercise training “generated significant reductions in abdominal fat levels” come the findings that it also helps reduce hypertension, lowers cholesterol, and diabetes.
The results really were quite overwhelming. There was no doubt that the harder you train the more benefits you get. They found that for every metre per second increment ie the faster you run:
1. You reduced the odds for having to use blood pressure lowering medications by 54% in men/46% in women,
2. You reduced the …

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[31 Aug 2009 | One Comment | ]

I’m going to take information from a couple of recent articles to outline the effects of chronic stress. Obviously this year has been very stressful for a lot of people, and we’ve certainly been seeing that in clinic. Everyone is feeling the pressure this year, and it’s easy for things to escalate out of control. But the good news is relaxation can reverse the negative effects stress has on your body.
Stress is bad enough in the short term, but when it is maintained for a longer period of time, it …

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[21 Jul 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

In various articles, books and websites you will find lists of benefits from Meditation for pretty much every system of the body and facet of your life. Some use it as a way to relax from their busy lives or reduce stress, others to increase energy, mental strength, or to gain insight or enlightenment. Studies have proven many positive effects.
People who meditate regularly show increased blood flow to the left brain, which houses the parts of the brain responsible for feelings of joy, happiness and enthusiasm (and therefore away from …