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[30 May 2021 | Comments Off on Foam Rolling, Stretching, or A Combination – What Works Best? | ]
Foam Rolling, Stretching, or A Combination – What Works Best?

According to a 2015 study, a Combination of Foam Rolling, followed by Stretching, produces the best results. 

In the study, a group of athletes were tested using all 3 protocols on different days. For example, they were told to just Foam Roll, then assessed/measured on one day. On another day, they were told just to Stretch, then assessed and measured again. Then on another day they were told to Foam Roll AND Stretch and measured for the third time. 

The greatest effects were seen when people did the combination, with an increase in …

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[14 Oct 2020 | Comments Off on SCREEN TIME – TV VS PHONE VS TABLET – WHAT’S WORST? | ]

We all know that excess screen time is bad for us. But does it matter which screen we are looking at? Do they all affect us in the same way?

Apparently some are worse than others, according to a recent study.

This data was published just a week ago so it’s red hot.

The obvious finding was that more screen time = worse health decisions. People who exhibited the heaviest use of screened devices “tended to eat fewer fruit and vegetables and more sweets and fast foods.”

“They also tended to have the least …

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[13 Oct 2020 | Comments Off on Small weight loss = much less pressure on joints | ]
Small weight loss = much less pressure on joints

I’m often asked whether losing weight would help a particular problem. For example, “If I lost a few kilos, would it help my back pain?”.
I think that if someone is overweight, then losing a few kilos is a good idea anyway, as there are so many general health benefits to maintaining a healthy weight.
But I wasn’t really sure if it would help a particular injury. What I mean by that is I think if you have back pain, you should try to fix your back. If you just lose weight, …

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[21 Sep 2020 | Comments Off on Natural Remedies for Back Pain | ]
Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Stuck at home and can’t get to your regular practitioner? Or if you’re simply experiencing pain and prefer natural alternatives to medications, our illustrious neighbour Naturopath Tania Flack from Bondi Health and Wellness put this guide together.

Of those Australians reporting back pain, nearly half experience difficulty with mobility, daily activities and self-care, which significantly impacts quality of life. And the financial impact of back pain on the Australian economy is staggering.

It’s reported to cost approximately 1.2 billion dollars per year, split between hospital care, out-of-hospital appointments and prescription …

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[21 Sep 2020 | Comments Off on Trouble Sleeping? | ]
Trouble Sleeping?

Then check this out. The team at Medical news Today just posted an article with 21 tips and tricks for improving your sleep quality.

Poor sleep has been linked to mental health conditions like depression, to reduced immune function, to weight gain, and to reduced healing capacity.

The thing I have done lately that’s made a big difference is I bought a pair of blue light blocking glasses. They were relatively inexpensive ($60-70) and I think they have really helped reduce the effect of TV or other devices at night. I …