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Is 10 minutes of exercise enough?

28 April 2019 No Comment

According to new research, all you need is 10 minutes of exercise a day. In this study of 1500 people who were followed for 4 years, ”
a brisk, short walk of less than 10 minutes a day is enough to keep older adults on their feet, reducing the risk of becoming disabled by 85 per cent.”

At the start of the study, every one of the 1500 people “were suffering pain, aching of stiffness from arthritis in their knees, hips, ankles or feet”.

The people who were able to do 10 minutes of brisk walking a day – a very achievable goal, reduced their risk of ‘mobility disability’ by 85%. This is huge, and I don’t just mean the number. Mobility disability is a measure of your ability to perform important functional tasks, things like being able to cross a road quickly.

It also improved their ability to perform daily living tasks, things like dressing and bathing, by 45%.

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