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Food Sensitivities – One Man’s Journey

4 April 2011 No Comment

I’ve been talking about this a lot over the last few months with people and so many of you seem to be interested that I thought I would write a little article on it.

Late last year I was feeling a bit ordinary so I went to see one of the great practitioners of the Eastern Suburbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Shona Barker (Gould St Bondi Beach, 0405 620 493). She and I had worked together at the Wholistic Medical Centre in Surry Hills for a few years and she’s someone I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for a Chinese Herbalist or Acupuncturist.

Anyway, I told her I was feeling tired all the time despite exercising, eating well (or so I thought), and getting enough sleep. She looked at my tongue and immediately said that she thought I was dairy intolerant. I said that I couldn’t be because I ate dairy every day and plenty of it, so surely I would have some digestive issues wouldn’t I? She recommended I go to a place in Pitt St (Australian Biologics) where they do a blood test and check your sensitivity to different foods.

Lo and behold I’m moderately sensitive to cow’s milk. And a few other things (they reckon beer and chocolate but I’m not convinced). So I changed my diet to cut out cow’s milk and wheat flour, and OH MY GOD I feel about a thousand times better. And it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I can eat all of the things that came up positive on my test, it’s just better if I eat less, and my worst outcome is feeling tired because I don’t digest them well.

So if you have any concerns re what you’re eating and would like to investigate further, give it a try. You don’t need a referral, you can just book yourself in and get checked out. The website has the different foods you can get tested for, it took about 15 minutes and I got the results the next day.

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